Sorry about that. As much as we try, we’re not perfect. Let us know what the problem is and we’ll do our best to fix it. Please try to include as much specific information as possible to help us track it down:

Got bugs?

We always strive to make our products as useful to our users as possible, but clearly we haven’t thought of everything. Let us know what you like and don’t like, or your new feature wish-list and we’ll do our best to oblige:

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GOT feedback?

Whatever your inquiry, you can send it here:

something else?

Q: You don’t have an application for my favorite sport/team? What’s up with that?

A: Drop us a line and we’ll add it to our TODO list:

Q: When will next season’s schedule be available for Hoops, Pigskin and WHoops?

A: As soon as possible. The truth is that most conferences are slow when it comes to announce the conference schedule due to scheduling issues and television rights, so the schedules will not likely be finalized until about a month or so before the season starts.

Q: How long will you continue to support Hoops, Pigskin and WHoops?

A: All of these applications will continue to function at least through the 2010-2011 season. Beyond that, we have not yet committed to supporting them, but it is certainly our intention and desire to do so. However, if/when we are forced to discontinue support we will communicate such ahead of time and we will make all efforts to ensure that the application continues to function, even if some of the content no longer updates.

Q: How can I tell home games from away games in Hoops, Pigskin and WHoops?

A: We use pretty standard notation. “@‿indicates an away game, “vs.‿indicates a game played at a neutral site and no notation indicates a home game. So, for instance:

Home game: “North Carolina‿br />

Away game: “@ Kansas‿br />

Neutral site game: “vs. Washington‿br />

Q: I find that score updates in the Hoops, Pigskin and WHoops applications can be slow and sometimes they even appear to “jump backward in time‿after the game is complete to being in-progress or upcoming. What’s going on?

A: Unfortunately, the source that we use for schedule/score data is not a real-time data source and often exhibits this issue. This is why we make it clear in the application description that we don’t provide real-time score updates. That said, it annoys us too and we’re considering moving to a different data source in order to provide more timely/accurate data.

Q: Why doesn’t lyrics fetching in Got Lyrics? / myTunz find the lyrics to all/more of the songs in my iPod library?

A: Good question. We’re using the largest licensed database of lyrics available, containing over 1.4 million tracks. That said, there are a lot more songs out there than that. Clearing licenses with record labels and artists can be a difficult and costly task, but our data provider is constantly working to do so. Over time, more and more tracks will become available.

Further, keep in mind that in order to find the lyrics for the songs in your iPod library, we depend heavily on the ID3 tag information embedded in your music library. We need accurate artist and title information in order to retrieve the correct lyrics for each song. If your library contains songs with ID3 information like “Unknown Artist‿or “Track 01‿ it is impossible for us to locate the appropriate lyrics. You can use iTunes to manually correct the ID3 metadata or purchase automated tools like SongGenie or TuneUp to do it for you.

Q: Why can’t I search freehand for lyrics by artist, title or lyrics in Got Lyrics? / myTunz?

A: That feature is coming in a future update. Stay tuned.

Q: Gesture control in Got Lyrics? / myTunz doesn’t work. What’s up?

A: Make sure that you have gesture control detection turned on. You can toggle gesture detection by clicking the double-arrow icon in the toolbox. If it’s blue, gesture detection is on - just swipe or tap in the album art area of the screen. Check out the in-app help (the round info icon in the upper-left corner) for details about the supported gestures.

Q: I don’t like some of the gestures in Got Lyrics? / myTunz. Can I customize them?

A: We’re planning to allow this in a future update.

Q: Why can’t I create playlists, edit playlists or rate songs in Got Lyrics? / myTunz?

A: The iPod library available to iOS applications is read-only, which means that we (and all other applications) cannot make any changes to it including editing/creating playlists and rating songs. Hopefully Apple will lift this restriction in a future iOS update.

Q: Does the iTunes Top Songs feature in Got Lyrics? / myTunz allow me to download songs from iTunes for free?

A: No. The actual download occurs in the native iTunes application on the device and normal iTunes fees apply.

Q: Why can’t I get YouTube videos to play in Got Lyrics? / myTunz?

A: Sadly, this is not completely uncommon, but it’s not something that we have complete control over. In order to play YouTube videos within an application, you have to create some “magic‿HTML and load it in an embedded web browser in the application. Safari and YouTube magically work together to download the keyframe image and allow you to play the video in the native YouTube player by clicking the image.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t always work and we don’t know why. It might be a bug in Safari or problems connecting to the YouTube servers. However, in our experience, trying again often fixes the problem - that is to say, it’s sporadic.

Q: The application keeps crashing every time I open it. How do I fix it?

A: What's likely happening is that some data in the application has become corrupted. This is rare, but does happen and can cause constant crashes as the application attempts to access data that has become corrupt. Try deleting the application from your device entirely and restarting the device. When the device restarts, reinstall the application from the App Store on the device. Note that you will not be charged to re-download the application. If you used in-app purchase to unlock additional features, see below for instructions on re-enabling those features.

Q: I bought additional features using in-app purchase, but I had to reinstall the application (or restore my device). Do I have to pay for those features again?

A: No. You can restore the features that you have purchased by going back to the in-app store in the application and clicking the “Restore‿button. The application will reverify your purchases with Apple and you will not be charged again.

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